Trading Books

Trading books are the foundation upon which you begin building the knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed to become a successful trader.

Every profession has its own language. Trading has its own general language as well as some variations according to the markets traded and the trading methods you choose. You can learn these, as well as the “culture” of trading, and obtain an idea of what trading is all about.

The beginner can learn the basics, such as indicators, setups, methods, and chart reading from trading books.  There are also many books written about the behavioral, emotional, and psychological aspects of trading, which are a major factor in the success or failure of the trader.

Most successful traders end up with a library of trading books which then become reference materials whenever they have the need. For some suggestions regarding possible choices for your education and library, we recommend the trading books and all additional trading resources from this website,


Day Trading Futures

Price is the key to proper entry, and it is also the essential for timely exits. Prices are the key to risk and money management, whether in day trading futures, or in daily trading, and prices are the vital key to trade management — the most important skill next to personal management. Follow this link to read more about Day Trading Futures

Trading is a Business

Trading for a living involves more than getting in and out of the market at the right time, and more than thinking about moving averages and indicators. Trading is a business, not just a job, and every business in the world has to be managed. Every business involves the managerial functions of organizing, planning, delegating, directing, and controlling. Follow this link to read more about Trading is a Business.

Ross Hook

Avoid losses, and you will not only feel more comfortable and in control of your trading, you will also automatically and inevitably grow richer. The Ross Hook can assist you in making that happen, which is why millions of traders are using it. The really wonderful thing about the Ross Hook is that it works equally well in all markets and in all time frames. Follow this link to read more about the Ross Hook.

Trading by the Book

Commodities Futures Trading is part of making money in futures trading is in understanding how to select a market, and in understanding the little things that make one market more tradable than another market.
Do you know exactly what it is that defines an established trend? Are you aware that trends are part of the market’s symmetry? Follow this link to read more about Trading by the Book.

Futures Spreads

The rationale behind spread trading is one of the best-kept secrets of the insiders of the futures markets. While spreading is commonly done by the market "insiders," much effort is made to conceal this technique and all of its benefits from "outsiders," you and me. After all, why would the insiders want to give away their edge? By keeping us from knowing about spreading, they retain a distinct advantage. Follow this link to read more about Futures Spreads.

Trading Futures and Options

Option traders trade options, futures traders trade futures, “and never the twain shall meet.”  But why is it that way? Why are people who are trading options and futures combinations so rare? Traders don’t see that combining trading options and futures makes the trading of both much easier, and gives them the best of both worlds. Follow this link to read more about Trading Futures and Options.

Day Trading Forex

Recently, forex day trading has become extremely popular, especially with traders who have no access to U.S. markets. Why would anyone choose to day trade forex? The usual answer is “to make money.” But making money in this market is not as simple as it sounds. In fact, it is turning out to be one of the more difficult day trading arenas. There are many reasons for this, but with the right strategies and the correct know-how, it really is possible to make money in forex trading. Follow this link to read more about Day Trading Forex.

Day Trading the E-mini S&P 500

When it first became possible to day trade using a personal computer, Joe Ross began to redirect his view of trading from long-term to shorter, intraday trading. Although some things remained the same, there were also many new factors to consider. Whereas longer-term trading was heavily influenced by fundamental factors, day trading was heavily influenced by order filling. Market movers and scalpers were in control of these markets, rather than the slower-moving commercial interests. Follow this link to read more about Day Trading the E-mini S&P 500.

Learn Futures

Chances are, although you may have read a lot of material in your effort to thoroughly learn futures trading, there are still a great many details you need to understand which are rarely revealed in most available material. You need to learn futures from the inside; gain the knowledge the insiders guard so carefully, and without which you can hardly expect to achieve genuine success. Follow this link for more details about learning futures and acquiring the information you need towards a more rewarding trading life.



Trading Discipline

All the discipline practiced before your order has been filled, including the trading discipline derived from practice and repetition, finally comes into play as self-control in a battle situation. The moment you are filled you are in battle, and if you are not fully prepared you will begin to behave emotionally. Without the discipline gained through practiced repetition resulting in self-control, you will begin to act irrationally, emotionally. Fear, greed, pride, guilt, and other emotions will come into play, causing you to fail to carry out your strategy or to implement the tactics you need for fulfillment of your trading plan. Follow this link to read more about trading discipline.

Traders Notebook

Traders Notebook™ lets you in on high probability futures position trades. These trades are hand-picked by Andy Jordan and Joe Ross. They are very carefully chosen for optimum results.

Traders Notebook™ also directs you to all the spreads you might want to trade. Subscribers have daily access to online help and advice. Spreads are chosen by Andy Jordan, our Trading Educators' professional spread trader. We believe Andy is one of the best spread traders in the world!

The Law of Charts

Joe Ross' approach to the markets has enabled him to trade with very low risk, often much lower than you can imagine. As you’ll see, it’s an approach that raises avoidance of loss to the highest pinnacle of decision-making. It’s an approach whose chief characteristic is avoidance of over-trading, and an almost fanatical avoidance of loss of capital. Perhaps most surprising of all, this approach, which has kept him very safe in the markets, has also been unusually profitable year in and year out. You might be wondering, “How can this be possible?" Follow this link to find out more about the Law of Charts.